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Without our tires where would we go? Not very far, that’s for sure. Tire repair and maintenance is extremely important for the upkeep of your vehicle. The condition of your tires directly affects things like fuel mileage, handling and most importantly, your safety. Don’t tread lightly on the condition of your tires (pun intended), get them inspected and serviced as needed! We can handle any of your tire repair needs at Best West Tire & Service in North Colorado Springs.

Tire Servicing

Driving on tires in bad condition is risky for a few reasons. First, you should know that your tires start to bald over time. The part of your tire that touches the road (called the tread) wears down over time. When it is completely worn down, your tire is considered bald. When this happens, everyday driving gets a lot more dangerous. Driving in rain you’re more likely to hydroplane, and in the snow, you’re more likely to slip and slide on ice. Even in nice, dry weather, your tires are more likely to fail or be punctured by something on the road. You can tell if your tires are too worn down by taking a penny and inserting it into the tread head down. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s forehead, it’s definitely time to get some new tires. Continuing to drive with a bald tire might even end up giving you a flat tire, so then you’re stuck with no means of transportation and we don’t want that.

Your Trustworthy Tire Experts

Tire care should be left to only the most experienced experts in the industry. Here at Best West Tire & Service, tires are what we do – it’s even in our name! Our skilled mechanics are able to perform tire repair services such as rotation, balancing, replacement and wheel work on all makes and models of cars, SUVs, light trucks and even some farm vehicles. Often we have customers come in dreading the process of tire investments, but they leave pleasantly surprised because we give the best tires at the lowest price. We know that buying new tires is quite the chore, and most people don’t look forward to it. That’s why we try our best to make the experience a good one and to keep costs low. If you need new tires or tire repair, come see us at the best tire shop in North Colorado Springs!

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Whether it is a replacement, balancing or help with your wheels, we are here to help. Come see us at 6731 N. Academy Blvd. in North Colorado Springs, CO 80918. Feel free to walk in or schedule an appointment with us over phone or online. We can’t wait to meet you and help you with your tire repair needs!

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