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When your vehicle’s wheels are misaligned, its handling is negatively affected which results in reduced steering performance and increased tire wear, and in emergency situations, could prevent you from avoiding a dangerous road hazard. Your safety on the road is our first priority. Avoid all of that by stopping by Best West Tire & Service in North Colorado Springs for an accurate, computer-aided wheel alignment.

Why Get Your Wheels Aligned?

Wheels can get knocked out of alignment in a lot of different ways you might expect because you probably encounter them frequently. Some ways they can get improperly aligned are by hitting potholes, uneven pavement, bumping concrete parking stalls and even with normal wear and tear. In general, most mechanics recommend have a wheel alignment performed once every two or three years, but that can vary depending on your vehicle type and the conditions you drive in. Our mechanics can give you a more accurate suggestion based off of how you use your own vehicle. If you are getting tires changed, that’s a good time for a wheel alignment as well. Some signs that you need to get your wheels serviced are your car veering to one side when you drive straight, your steering wheel isn’t in the center of the road when you drive straight, feeling like your car isn’t handling well or is wandering, or tires screeching when you make turns. Another downside to driving with our wheels out of alignment is that it causes uneven wear on tires, which means you’ll be replacing them sooner than necessary.

Finding the Right Mechanic

For such an important service, it’s important that you find the right mechanic for the job. A bad wheel alignment will leave you with wheels after you’ve just paid to have them fixed. At Best West Tire & Service, we have years of experience diagnosing and fixing improperly aligned wheels. We also make sure we fix the problem correctly the first time you come in so you don’t have to come back until you’re due for your next scheduled service.

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We love working on cars, but above all, we love making sure our customers are safe and save money. Driving with misaligned wheels can be a danger to you and the drivers around you. If it’s time for a wheel alignment, come see us at 6731 N. Academy Blvd. North Colorado Springs, CO 80918. If you would like to make an appointment, feel free to call us or schedule online!

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