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Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself driving down the road, everything is normal except… your wheels are crooked! If this happens to you, then you should be looking for the right mechanic to have a wheel alignment performed. Don’t keep driving when your wheels are out of alignment. Doing so means increase tire wear, reduced handling performance, and in some instances it can be hazardous to your safety on the road. That’s where Best West Tire & Service comes in. We’re South Colorado Springs wheel alignment experts.

Why an Alignment Is Important

A lot of people don’t quite understand the importance of wheel alignment. The bottom line is, improperly aligned wheels are bad for your tires, fuel efficiency, and safety. You should come into the shop as soon as possible to get them fixed. You might not realize, but a few normal everyday things knock your wheels out of place like potholes, uneven pavement, hitting curbs and concrete parking stalls. Your wheels can also be misaligned just from normal wear and tear, so you might be the most cautious driver driving on the best roads, but your wheels will eventually need to be aligned to keep you safe. In general, it’s recommended that you have a wheel alignment performed on your vehicle every two to three years. However, this of course is subject to change based on the type of vehicle you own, and what you use it for. Signs that you need your wheels aligned include the steering wheel seeming off center while you drive straight, your car veering to one side while driving straight, the vehicle seeming unstable or like it wanders on the road, and screeching tires when you make turns.

Your Alignment Experts

If you think it might be about time for you to get your wheel alignment service done, you need a mechanic you can trust. Failure to complete the task correctly means that you could be driving away from the shop a worse alignment than when you drove in. Having wheels improperly aligned is also extremely rough on your tires. If the tread isn’t aligned to the road evenly, it will wear down in certain spots faster than others and you will have to replace them sooner than necessary. At Best West Tire & Service in South Colorado Springs we have mechanics with plenty of experience to do the job right the first time.

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If you feel like it’s time to get your wheels aligned, come see the best mechanics for the job at 3287 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80916. If you want to make an appointment, call us or schedule online. We can’t wait to be your wheel and tire experts!

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