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Let Us Align Your Wheels at Best West Tire in Sterling!

Don’t Risk the Dangers That Come with Driving on Crooked Wheels, We Can Fix Them!

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Many drivers don’t really understand how important it is to get a wheel alignment. Just imagine this, if your wheels are pointing different directions how safe are you while you’re driving 70mph on the highway? Unaligned tires can be very dangerous for all passengers in the car and other vehicles on the road surrounding it. If you can’t remember the last time you had a wheel alignment, then you should bring your vehicle to Best West Tire & Serivce in Sterling for an alignment check.

Why You Need to Align Your Wheels

You might not think your wheels need to be aligned because they look straight but in general, your wheels should be realigned every two to three years and every time you get new tires. You’d be surprised at things that throw your wheels out of alignment because they’re things you encounter and see every day! Hitting potholes and uneven pavement can throw your wheels out of alignment, as well as hitting curbs or concrete parking stalls. Even normal wear and tear can shift your wheel alignment. You can tell your wheels are improperly aligned if the steering wheel is off center when driving straight, the car seems to be veering to one side when driving straight, the car feels unstable on the road, or your wheels squeal when turning. If you ignore these signs and don’t get the proper servicing, you’re putting yourself in danger and your tires are also going to wear down unevenly, meaning you’ll have to buy new ones prematurely. If you are experiencing symptoms, you should make sure your tires are at the correct pressure as well, low-pressure tires have some of the same symptoms.

Your Trustworthy Mechanic

When looking to get a wheel alignment, it’s really important that you take your car to the right mechanic with the right equipment to do the job right. A bad job means that your tires are still going to be improperly aligned after your appointment and that you’ve paid for a service that wasn’t even worth it. At Best West Tire & Service we have plenty of experience with wheel alignment and will fix your wheels correctly the first time you come in. We take your safety seriously and we understand its reflected in the services we provide.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you think it might be time to get your wheels aligned, make sure to choose a reliable mechanic like Best West Tire & Service. We gladly accept walk-ins at 1020 W. Main Street Sterling, CO 80751, or if it’s more convenient for you, feel free to call or schedule an appointment online. We care about your safety and can’t wait to meet you and deliver the auto servicing you deserve.

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